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Anthem CO ClearProtection

What is ClearProtection?

The ClearProtection plans are one of Anthem’s lower-priced plans, designed to limit your share of the costs for major medical expenses, such as surgery and hospitalizations.

These plans offer a valuable combination of affordable coverage with some immediate benefits, such as office visits, preventive care, and generic drug coverage.

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ClearProtection Quote

Prices vary depending on your age, gender, and zip code, as well as the plan that you select. To get an instant quote click here: ClearProtection Instant Quote.


ClearProtection Deductible

You have a choice of two deductibles with Anthem CO ClearProtection:

1) $5000 (least expensive)
2) $3300 (most popular)

These deductibles are doubled for families. Both plans have 30% coinsurance until the out-of-pocket max is met, and then Anthem covers 100% of your medical costs.
If you have further questions call the number above or contact Medicoverage.


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Clearprotection Benefits

Doctor Visits: $40 (first 2)
Physical: $0
Mammography: $0
Prescription Drugs:
generic - $15
brand name- see brochure

After Deductible and Coinsurance

Maternity: $0
Hospital Stay: $0
Surgery: $0
X-Rays: $0
Ambulance: $0*
See more benefits in summary

*limitations may apply

What's not covered:

Elective Surgery

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