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Anthem SmartSense Connecticut

What is SmartSense?

SmartSense is a new Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut plan that is designed to fit your budget. Popular with young families and individuals, you can select from a wide range of deductibles.  All plans include coverage for generic and preferred drugs. For an additional cost you can upgrade to Enhanced Drug Coverage for non-preferred and specialty drugs.

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How Much does SmartSense Cost?

The cost of Blue Cross SmartSense depends on your age and which version you select. If you are under 30 and and select the least expensive plan, it can be as low as $64 dollars. If you are a family of 4 and purchase the SmartSense 750, it will be significantly more.

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SmartSense Deductible:

Anthem SmartSense deductibles range from $750 to $12,000. Most people select the $2500 deductible with the 30% coinsurance option. On that plan, if you satisfy your deductible amount, you will pay 30% coinsurance for the next $3000. Anthem will pay 100% of all covered services after that.

There are some SmartSense plans that have 50% co-insurance and others that have none.  Coinsurance maximums vary so make sure you check before you purchase. Remember for family plans (two or more members) your deductible and coinsurance limits will be double.

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SmartSense Benefits

Preventive visits: $0
Immunizations: $0
PSA Screenings: $0
First 3 office visits: $30
Generic Drugs: $15
Preferred Drugs: $250 ded + coinsurance



Covered Deductable and Coinsurance

Hospital: $0
Surgery: $0
Emergency Room: $0
Physical Therapy: $0
Lab: $0
Xray: $0
See brochure for more

What's not covered:

Cosmetic Surgery
(see benefit summary for complete list)

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