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Anthem Lumenos HSA Plus Ohio

Lumenos Ohio Overview

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Lumenos HSA Plus PPO of Ohio offers comprehensive coverage with a lower monthly premium.

High deductible Lumenos Plus keeps the cost down and qualifies you for an Health Savings Account (HSA). Speak with your tax professional about the tax break you’ll receive by using HSA to pay for deductibles and other related costs. Lumenos is popular with families and individuals looking to save on their monthly premiums and taxes.

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Lumenos Plus Ohio Quote

Lumenos Plus PPO of Ohio’s monthly premium is based on your gender, age, area, and deductible. Price also varies on whether you choose a plan with/without coinsurance (% of you pay for services after deductible is met) You can get a Lumenos HSA OH quote here.


Deductible Explained

With Lumenos Plus you don’t have to meet your deductible for preventive coverage. After the deductible is met, these HSA compatible plans, either cover all costs after deductible is met or you may choose a plan with coinsurance.

The following deductibles are available for Lumenos HSA Plus in Ohio:
• $1,500 -$5,500 (individuals)*
• $3,000 -$11,000 (families)*

*some plans with coinsurance -either 20% or 50%


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Cost Before Deductible

Well-Child: $0
Immunizations: $0
Preventive: $0

After Coinsurance and Deductible

Brand Drugs: $0
Generic Drugs: $0
Surgery: $0
Doctor’s Office: $0
Ambulance: $0
Hospital: $0
Anesthesia: $0
Organ Transplant: $0

What's not covered:

Elective Procedures
See brochure for details

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