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Anthem Blue Cross Lumenos California

Lumenos California Explained

Anthem Blue Cross of California offers the Lumenos plan for people who want comprehensive health insurance at a low price.

The plans have a high deductible to keep the cost down and allows the plans to qualify for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) where you can optionally set up an account to pay for your deductible and related costs in a tax efficient way (ask your tax guy for details).

Many people find that with the money they save on taxes and lower monthly premiums, the Lumenos HSA Plus plans high deductible is worth it.

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What does Lumenos Cost?

The monthly fee for these HSA compatible plans is based on your age, gender, deductible and zipcode. You can get a Lumenos HSA CA quote here. The quote takes 5 seconds and all contact information is optional.


Lumenos Deductible

With the exception of preventive office visits (which are covered at no cost with no deductible), these plans cover everything AFTER the deductible. So you will have to pay the negotiated rate (discounted rate) for all non-preventive treatment until you satisfy your deductible. Once you hit your deductible, then you will pay nothing for all covered services (see at a glance)

The following deductibles are available for Lumenos HSA Plus in California:
• 5950 (individuals)
• 5500 (family)
• 7500 (family)
• 11900 (family)


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Your Cost Before Deductible

Preventive: $0
Well-Baby: $0

Your Cost After Deductible

Maternity: $0
Hospital: $0
Surgery: $0
Physical Therapy: $0
Brand Drugs: $0
Generic Drugs: $0
Office Visits: $0
X-ray: $0
Lab: $0


What's not covered:

Elective Procedures
See brochure for details

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