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Anthem Premier Plan CT

What is the Premier Plan?

The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Premier of Connecticut health plan is Anthem’s most comprehensive offering of benefits. Targeted at families that want richer benefits, Premier offers unlimited office visits for a $30 copay, no charge for preventive visits, and a strong Rx plan.  With deductibles ranging from $500 to $10,000, Premier has many price points to choose from.  The Premier plan even pays the first $50 of vision expenses and offers optional dental in the application.

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How Much does Premier Cost?

The price varies by your age and the plan you choose. For a single individual under 30 with the highest deductible, the cost can be as low as $90.  To get a Premier Plan quick quote click here


Premier Deductible Explained

If you select a higher deductible plan ($2,500+), there is no co-insurance. This means that once you satisfy the deductible, Anthem will pay all costs for additional covered services. If you go for a lower deductible plan ($500-$2,500), the plan comes with co-insurance. On these plans, you will pay 20% of all in-network medical costs for the next $3,000 after your deductible.

Remember if you are a family, the deductible and coinsurance amount will be double.

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Premier Benefits

Doctor Visits: $30
Specialist Visits: $40
Mental Health: $30/$40
Physical: $0
Mammography: $0
Vision: first $50
Spinal Manipulation: $40
Generic Drugs: $15
Brand Name Drugs: 40% ($200 deduct)

After Deductible and Coinsurance

Hospital Stay: $0
Surgery: $0
Ambulance: $0
Allergy Injection: $0
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What's not covered:

Elective procedures

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