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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Connecticut Tonik 5000


By Mike Rose

If you are looking for the lowest priced Tonik plan in Connecticut and you want the lowest doctor visit copay then look no further. The Anthem Blue Cross Tonik 5000, which the marketing team calls the “Thrill Seeker,” is an attractive plan for people who don’t want to break the bank each month on health coverage. Designed for individuals only (meaning each family member would have to complete a separate application), this plan features a $5000 deductible, no co-insurance, and a $20 copay for the first 4 office visits.  Visit our Tonik section to understand how the Tonik deductible works or see the links below.

Member Links:

Tonik 5000 CT Summary of Benefits: Updated summary of benefits.

Connecticut Tonik 5000 Summary Connecticut Tonik 5000 Summary of Benefits PDF

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