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L.A. Care Health Plan to Provide New CA Exchange Plans

L.A. Care Health Plan announced today that it will offer new California Healthcare Exchange plans beginning January 1, 2014. They were selected as one of 13 providers in California to offer Exchange plans. L.A. Care, founded 15 years ago, is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan. It is an independent local public agency created by the state and Los Angeles County to serve especially vulnerable and low-income populations.
L.A. Care Health Exchange

“L.A. Care is proud to be part of Covered California, and looks forward to expanding our services to Los Angeles County residents,” stated a L.A. Care Health Plan spokesperson.

Region 15: LA north
Region 16: LA south

Hospitals: 35
Physicians: 1,005

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If you want to learn more about Healthcare Exchange plans in your region call 800-930-7956 or contact Medicoverage.

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