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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Tonik is no longer available to new members. If you are an existing member looking for information about your plan, please contact us. If you are looking for an alternative to Tonik, please consider the following:

1) Speak to a licensed Agent about alternative plans at 800-930-7956
2) Get an Instant free quote for currently available new plans on hompage.
3) Visit to apply directly for a new plan.
4) Hit the chat button below for online assistance.

What Do I Need?
Is Tonik Right for Me?
How Do I Apply?


Here is what you will need to apply to Tonik in Connecticut:

1) Social Security Number*
2) Computer

3) Previous insurance info (if any)
4) Prescription info (if any)
5) 15 minutes (10 if you type quick)


You must be between the ages of
0-65 and have a pulse.

* Call us if you don't have an SS #



Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Tonik has no application fee or long term commitments. To help you understand the plan, check out the following:

Plan Overviews:
This page explains each plan. We recommend downloading the plan details PDF to learn what's covered.

FAQs: Answer the bulk of your questions. If you don't see your question answered, you can contact us directly under the contact us page.

Deductible Explained: This page is new and explains when you are required to pay your deductible with Tonik and when you are not.



The application is ONLY available online via the secure link below.

Apply for Tonik

You don't need to take a physical to be approved. Just answer a few questions about your health and sit tight. You won't be billed before you're approved and you get a 10 day "free look" where you can change your mind for any reason.

The application requires the latest version of flash. Download it here:


Application Secret

No matter what Tonik plan application you start with, you can always switch within the application. The application will offer you up the price for all three plans based on your age, zip and medical responses.

Already a Member? Click here

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