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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Tonik is no longer available to new members. If you are an existing member looking for information about your plan, please contact us. If you are looking for an alternative to Tonik, please consider the following:

1) Speak to a licensed Agent about alternative plans at 800-930-7956
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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Tonik is no longer available to new members. To research alternative plans please visit our online quick quote tool.

If you are an existing member, there has been no change to your plan. Check out our member page here..

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Tonik has 3 different plans with 3 different annual deductibles:

$1500 (Calculated Risktaker)
$3000 (Part-Time Daredevil) &
$5000 (Thrill-Seeker)

There are 5 areas under Anthem Tonik of New Hampshire where you are not required to pay the deductible before receiving covered services.

1) Office visits. You just pay $20 to $40 copay with no deductible required.Specialist such as OBGYN, Vision doctor and Dermotogist count as a medical office visit while dental visits do not (see below for dental info).

2) Emergency room visits: You just pay $100 copay with no deductible required.

3) Generic Drugs: You just pay $10 copay with no deductible required.

4) Preventive Dental: No copay or deductible required. This includes x-rays, check-ups, teeth cleaning. If you have a cavity then you pay $50 dollars and Anthem Blue Cross pays the rest -up to $500 a year.

Remember the copays above do not go toward your deductible.

For all other benefits, such as inpatient and outpatient operations, you are required to first pay towards your deductible before Tonik contributes to covered services. Once your annual deductible is met, you are not required to pay anything more for covered services and Tonik responsible for all covered medical services fees up to a lifetime $5,000,000 payout.* Please note that these benefits have changed since health care reform. Visit our member page for your detailed benefit explanation.


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